Cancer Research and Cancer Victim Assistance. This Church is in the forefront of conquering cancer. We are dedicated to the eradication and prevention of cancer and other debilitating diseases from the face of the earth.

Cancer and other degenerative diseases are caused by improper, unbalanced and unnatural conditions that effect our bodies. These include factors like spiritual and emotional disorders, stress, and lack of faith as well as absence of purpose. Environmental conditions and nutritional abnormalities, as well as unhealthy life styles. Many of these conditions are brought about by life in a modern world and beyond normal control of the people involved.

We intend to remedy this situation in several ways. By providing these services

  • Provide information on current treatments and cures to our  “Cure Cancer Now” newsletter subscribers. (Subscribe right now)
  • Conquer cancer by researching natural remedies and performing clinical studies on natural remedies. God created nature which is filled with natural remedies that medical science cannot even comes close to matching. (Donate today to prove the cure)
  • Provide spiritual services that help the patients heal in ways that science cannot easily explain. (Become a member of our Church)
  • Provide financial assistance to victims of cancer and other catastrophic illnesses. (Donate to help others)

In order to achieve these goals, we need your help. Please help by sending your generous gifts to help cancer victims and to fund cancer research and clinical studies. Click the links above.

You can also go to the Help Conquer Cancer today site to get more information. If you are a victim of cancer get a lot of information there.

(The links will be activated soon, in the mean time you can make a donation to the Church if you wish to help right away. Donate right now)

Thank you and God bless you.

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