Join our Congregation. We are an inclusive and compassionate community welcoming all people of good will. We celebrate religious diversity but find unity in the fact that we share the same, one and only true God. We believe that the existence of God is indisputable, the evidence is overwhelming and fully consistent with science. If you have questions, we will help you find the answers. We will help you understand God better. The first step is for you to register as a novice, so we can maintain communication with you.

Registration process

We are in a process of establishing a community that will solve many of men’s current problems within it’s own ranks; a Free Church Community, independent of government influence, providing services to it’s members, and living in Peace by the Golden Rule. We need to build independent institutions to achieve our self reliance. Your Financial support is very important, especially at this juncture. You can join our Church community in several ways.

Become a Charter Supporting Member with an initial offering of $1000 and/or, A Sustaining Support Member with a  $100 per month offering, or a regular recurring monthly donor in any amount. Any offering of $25 per month or more will give you access to all the content on the website plus an email subscription to our periodical bulletin.

Your offerings, support, donations, tithes, and charitable contributions will bring you rewards and benefits that will far exceed your contributions. Not only spiritual rewards, but also tangible benefits as you will discover

Please choose a way to participate in building our church community. Your support will be rewarded in ways you cannot even imagine at this time.


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